About CAMU Superfoods Sports Nutrition

Driven by a need for whole, clean, and convenient foods, Dillon innovated beyond the artificial sweeteners and additives found in most market options. His journey began with simple foil-wrapped sweet potatoes, stowed in his bike jersey, seeking a healthier alternative to synthetic energy bars. However, the quest for optimal nutrition led him to create power granola, blending superfoods and premium ingredients. Understanding that a perfect balance of fats, carbs, and proteins is crucial, Dillon meticulously adjusted ratios to ensure not only nutritional adequacy but also exceptional taste. CAMU, recognizing the diverse needs of endurance workouts, emerges as the solution, offering the nutrition your body truly deserves.

What’s new for Camu?

Camu Superfoods is expanding retail locations nationwide. If you have or know of a location that would like to sell Camu bars, we’d love to hear from you!